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Our Story

N10Coffee was born out of a love for excellent, speciality coffee and a deep desire to share the pleasure of simply enjoying quiet, reflective coffee moments.

Personal wellbeing is something I have always explored. Throughout my life I have developed a number of strategies to ensure I maintain a healthy attitude and feel able to get the most out of life. I exercise regularly, practice mindfulness and meditation and use journaling to help free my mind and establish clarity.

I became increasingly aware that coffee was becoming part of my daily self-care ritual. It allowed me to take time out of my busy schedule for myself, to enjoy the warm comforting flavours, whilst helping to mentally prepare myself for the day.  I would sit with a coffee and notice my thoughts: the subtle demands, desires, preferences and expectations. I would observe these thoughts without judgement and would return to my day feeling refreshed and ready to overcome new challenges. These coffee moments helped improve my interactions with family, friends and colleagues, as I felt calm, more able to share positivity and effectively support others.

N10Coffee is not just about our delicious, ethically sourced, speciality coffee.  We deliver direct to your door to provide a rich, mindful coffee experience when you most need it.



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